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    It may be as easy as speaking, to quickly jot your what you want to say down, but in writing, the expression of your personal words and thoughts may need some time. Time is neither a gauge nor a constraint to limit what you want to say and how you want to say it. The starting point is getting started.

    My personal journey in writing evolved over time and emerged as an all-of-a-sudden, on-demand venture. With both feet in, I went forward.

    Writing is a Learning Experience

    As I delved into writing, I quickly found the importance of knowing how to write. Paying special attention to proper grammar, expressing complete thoughts in sentence structure, choosing or developing a voice, and how to focus on making the finished piece engaging, enjoyable and informative to read are all elements in writing – good writing. However, writing for a client or an audience is more than putting words together – the words must speak what the title and direction of the piece is all about.

    The most important thing to do when choosing to write is to write. Much like learning how to ride a bicycle, everything you’ve learned about writing and know about proper speech needs time to work, in motion, towards what will evolve into your personal writing voice.

    Writing is a Venue

    Writing provides a way to communicate written words on many platforms. A writer can share her work with family and friends through letters and self-published pieces, or she can publish her works online on a website, blog, for a client, in a newspaper or online newsletter. Writers work in every sphere in society that communicates with printed words. So whichever platform or niche speaks to a writer’s style and purpose, she is sure to find a venue for writing.

    Writing is a Voice

    At the core of a writer’s style is her voice. The tone, perspective and person she speaks in defines her voice. Her voice defines her writing style in the way she chooses her words and puts them together, and this collaboration is as interesting, colorful, creative, professional, neutral and engaging as she wants it to be. The writing voice of a writer expresses the writer’s point of view, and it is the voice that attracts and engages readers to enjoy literary works.

    Writing is a Profession

    Becoming a professional writer begins with a strong foundation in English and having the skills of effective communication. Writing is developmental, and consistent practice, exercises and application of writing techniques shapes, molds and cultivates a novice writer into a quality-driven, detail-oriented, creatively inspiring writer.

    It is easy to begin writing. Just write. It does take time, though, to reach the very attainable goal of becoming an accomplished writer, and there is much to respect of those who have reached this goal. Convenient ways to attaining a writing goal include creative writing courses and writing courses online, which offer an online writing program suitable for self-paced study on a busy schedule.

    Enjoy Writing

    Writing is a way to express the intellect, the feelings and emotions, and the thoughts, all rolled up into one. In this way, it bridges what is inside of the writer with the readers of the outside world. Have fun and use writing as a medium of expression, a repose and a way to relax, an escape and a refuge for thought. Boundless yet containing words communicating ideas. Enjoy the journey.


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