• How to Make Homemade Natural Cough Syrup with Garlic, Lemon and Honey – Homemade Remedies for Cough and Congestion

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    Colds and the flu — how can we combat that nagging cough and stuffiness?  Before thinking of running to the local store for a cold and flu remedy, look in your food stock. When we were younger, my mother kept a fresh jar of this homemade cough remedy in the refrigerator. It was a delight to take as a child; its sweet yet tarty taste made it easy for her to give to us. We would even take an extra spoon or two, in between!

    Keeping a supply of fresh lemon, honey and garlic during the winter months will give you a natural cough syrup, cough and cold remedy that is both tasty and nutritious, and is safe to take!

    Honey is used in many home remedies for cough and congestion.


    Difficulty: Easy


    things you’ll need:

    • Fresh Lemon
    • Fresh Garlic
    • Honey
    • Jar with lid
    • Grater (fine) or chopper
    • Fork or a citrus juicer



    1. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze out the juice into a bowl. Use a citrus juicer or a fork. Insert it into the lemon and twisting the lemon to release all of the juice. Scrape off the pulp, as well. Lemons have hot and dry qualities, which is the opposite of a cold. It cuts and dissolves phlegm, making it a suitable agent against both the cold and flu.


    2. Next, use your fine grater to grate 1 to cloves of fresh garlic, according to what you can tolerate. Mix this in with the lemon juice. Garlic is also hot in nature, and its moisture quality also helps it dissolve and break down phlegm, especially in the throat and chest.
    3. Add an equal amount of honey as there is lemon juice. Honey is excellent for colds because it also dissolves phlegm. It is also a natural preservative, and it kills infections. It is an excellent food, drink and remedy.

    4. Mix all ingredients together and store in a glass jar with a lid. Refrigerating the mixture makes it cool, and is more suitable for children, while keeping it at room temperature will give the garlic extra potency. The natural cough syrup will keep longer if refrigerated.


    Fresh ginger


    5. As a variation, you can also add other beneficial cold remedies. Grate fresh ginger into the mixture, as well.



    6. Cayenne is another natural agent that brings heat and draws out cold. Add a little ground cayenne to the mixture, if you can tolerate the heat.



    Add a touch of horehound too!

    7. Horehound is another natural cold remedy that can be mixed into the syrup. Add 1/2 teaspoon of dried, ground horehound, or even freshly chopped horehound.


    Add peppermint to your cough and cold remedy.



    8. Peppermint is another delightful ingredient to add to this mixture. If you have fresh or dried peppermint, you can add this to the lemon, honey and garlic mixture, instead.


    Wild cherry bark powder




    9. Wild Cherry Bark is another cold remedy that works well with the lemon honey and garlic mixture. Add a teaspoon of ground wild cherry bark to the mixture.




    Tips & Warnings

    • Take 1/2 to 3 teaspoons of this natural cough syrup every two hours. If the cold or flu is very strong, take every hour.


    • Take peppermint tea with honey, or even peppermint tea mixed with mullein tea. They act as an expectorant and will open the lungs and promote coughing. This will force the mucus out of the body.


    • Onions can be substituted for garlic, if you do not have garlic. However, garlic seems more potent than onions.


    • You can also substitute lime for lemons.


    • Consult your doctor or natural health specialist before taking this mixture. If you are currently taking other medications, or have a health condition, even these simple ingredients can have an adverse affect.


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